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The #1 soft drink supplier for retail and food businesses

Is there anything better than sipping a cooled drink after a long walk in scorching heat? Your customers don’t think so, and that’s why alcohol-free beverages never lose their popularity in stores, cafes, and vending machines. By ordering wholesale soft drinks online, you can turn this consumption trend to your advantage while selling everything from canned soda to bottled iced tea.

PROJECTWINES APS will have your back for still and fizzy beverages from top brands. We double down on fast and seamless soft drink distribution for any packaging type and flavor. You can see everything we can distribute online and arrange your order anytime.

Best soft drinks and wholesale terms

If your demand for soft drinks exceeds what you can get in retail quantities, PROJECTWINES APS is your go-to place. To us, the wholesale distribution of Coca-Cola, Schweppes, Nestea, and other beverages is more than a business – it’s our philosophy and long-term passion.

We are authorized to carry genuine soft beverages for:

  • Retail shops. Help your customers satisfy their thirst with their favorite beverages. Whatever amount you need, you can get soft drinks in bulk to fill your shelves, maximize physical exposure, and offer people different ways to stay hydrated.
  • Food venues. Whether you run a small bar or a 5-star restaurant, ensure you have enough non-alcoholic beverages to please your sober visitors, including teens and children, and give them more options to pair with their meals.
  • Big events. If you are interested in a crate of beverages or dozens of packs for special occasions, place your orders here. Let your guests make unique mocktails with unlimited soda supplies and shake up classic recipes as they wish.

There are canned and bottled packaging options suitable for diverse settings, be it dine-in venues, outdoor events, or store shelves. Drop us a message to discuss how many packs or cases you’re planning to sell, and we will come up with the best delivery timeframes.

Off to bulk soft drink shopping

Bulk shopping is a surefire way to make the most of any available budget. Working with the PROJECTWINES APS wholesale soft drink supplier means minimizing procurement expenses and maximizing profits, as we have the most flexible order and delivery terms. The more you purchase, the lower the price per bottle or can, extending value for your business during our long-term partnership.

Placing a wholesale order for the desired drink type and quantity is possible after requesting a quote. It will cover:

  • MOQ
  • Pricing and available discounts
  • Product shelf life
  • Packaging options
  • Worldwide shipping terms

The shipping terms may differ from one country to another. But because non-alcoholic drinks do not require additional licenses to dispatch, distribute, or receive, we can send them in the twinkling of an eye. You will be updated on the fees, if any.

PROJECTWINES APS has been out there as a soft drink distributor for years. We have proven processes in place to streamline logistics and delivery.

Buy Wholesale Soft Drink at Projectwines APS. Your trusted supplier on Asia, China, Taiwan, Thailand.

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