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Is there a segment of your target audience that gravitates towards lagers and unusual brewing recipes? Satisfy their preferences in full with Asahi beer to buy online at wholesale prices.

Asahi Super Dry has been the beer of choice in Japan since 1987. Brewed to exemplify Japanese beer culture with a focus on dryness and light body, it provides a no-nonsense drinking experience that is worth indulging in.

The Asahi beer for sale is a premium lager paired with a tantalizingly crisp and super-dry flavor profile (hence the name), which then develops into a clean finish when enjoyed as a refreshing drink. It is locally and globally loved for its rounded flavor that complements the desired bitterness.

You can serve Asahi Super Dry during gatherings, celebratory events, laid-back night-outs, or sports watching. It’s this barley-based Japanese beer recipe that accentuates sophisticated bitterness and makes every cheer moment perfect.

Asahi beer information

PROJECTWINES APS would be delighted to be your supplier of Asahi beer for sale. Here’s more information about this product you should be aware of:

  • Available in 6-packs. Stock up on Asahi Super Dry in 6-pack packaging, so you’re always prepared for any gathering or bar event.
  • 330ml bottles. Each pack includes the size of a bottle that’s the most convenient to carry or hold, delivering a consistently superb drinking experience.
  • 5.2% ABV. Japanese dryness feels best at mid-range potency. This alcohol content will elevate the consumer’s enjoyment without overpowering their palate.
  • Vegan-friendly. Crafted for consumers with different preferences, Asahi Super Dry is suitable for vegans and has no increased allergy risks.

Don’t have Japanese lagers on your menu yet? Order Asahi beer online from the distributor to make it more diverse and grab-worthy. We offer bulk pricing and can ship multiple 6-packs per order.


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