Lipton Ice Tea Drink


Order Lipton Ice Tea in bulk

The champion in the refreshment world, Lipton Ice Tea contains lightning-fast liquid relief when the sun beats down. It’s brimming with a cooling sensation that makes you feel good on a hot day without compromising the natural tea flavor. It may be hard to reflect in other drinks and refreshing blends, but Lipton has managed to do just that.

You can buy Lipton Ice Tea online to sell to shoppers of all ages. With its lemon-enhanced tangy flavor, It’s a favorite drink among busy adults and children. This beverage results from fresh-pressed tea leaves that feel like pure tea in the cup – yet it comes with a cooling touch in the bottle.

Sold in bulk, Lipton Ice Tea is:

  • Ideal meal companion. This drink is often an extra purchase to complement a dining experience with its refreshing citrus twist. That’s why it can be sold in cafes and similar establishments.
  • On-the-go refreshment. Whether you own a gas station or a convenience store, Lipton Ice Tea Lemon is an all-around refresher. It can go right into the shopper’s hand or car cup holder for easy consumption.
  • Diet-friendly. You can’t go wrong by sourcing Lipton Ice Tea to buy online in large quantities to offer the drink as a guilt-free refreshment. This beverage has a deliciously light taste without the excess calories.
  • Available in 12-packs. Each pack contains 12x500ml bottles, providing ample supply to satisfy your customers’ thirst and keep them cool throughout the day. You can opt for as many packs as you need.

Your distributor of Lipton Ice Tea in bulk

PROJECTWINES APS is authorized to deliver Lipton products worldwide. Partnering with us as your Lipton Ice Tea wholesale supplier enables you to procure packs of bottles on demand for any facility you own or manage, be it a cafe or retail outlet.

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